Hunnehgirls O‘ahu ‘Akialoa Enamel Pin

Pin Set: ‘Akialoa Only

The O‘ahu ‘Akialoa (Akialoa ellisiana) is an extinct species of native honeycreeper known for it's long curved bill and olive green feathers. It was endemic to the island of O‘ahu and was last seen in the mid-1900s

The Limited Edition O‘ahu ‘Akialoa pin features a shimmery green glitter enamel and will be produced in a run of 200 pieces. All proceeds from the sale of this pin will be donated to organizations working to protect and rehabilitate our Native Hawaiian Honeycreeper populations.

Product Dimensions
1.125"W x 1.125"H

Hard enamel
Gold finish
2 Green PVC clasps

Pin Set: ‘Akialoa Only