Hunnehgirls ‘O‘o Enamel Pin

Pin Set: ‘Ō‘ō only

The ‘Ō‘ō was a species of native Hawaiian honeycreeper known for its shiny black feathers and bright yellow accents, which were often plucked from live birds and used in crafting the capes of ali‘i and other ceremonial Hawaiian artifacts.

Last seen in 1934, the ‘Ō‘ō was sadly driven to extinction by habitat loss, disease, and hunting.

The ‘Ō‘ō pin will be produced in a limited run of 200 pieces, and all proceeds from the sale of this pin will be donated to organizations working to protect our Native Hawaiian Honeycreepers.

Product Dimensions
1.25"W x 1.25"H

Hard enamel
Gold finish
2 Black PVC clasps

Pin Set: ‘Ō‘ō only